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Hair Extensions vary by brand and type picked, must come in for consult.

Braidless Weave Extensions

*Premium Hair Installation*

*2 complimentary bump-ups*

*Hair Bible*

*Complimentary cut-to-blend*

*Complimentary un-installation*



Custom 64g Density

1 pack of hair

18.5'' - $920+

22.5'' - $ 985 +

Rising Star 128g Density

2 packs of hair

18.5" - $ 1261 +

22.5" - $ 1395 +

Starlet 192g Density

3 packs of hair

18.5"- $1604+

22.5" - $1880 +

Average packs needed for Hand Tied Wefts

Thin hair: 1-2 packs

Medium hair: 1-2 packs

Thick Hair: 2-3 packs

Volume fullness: 1 pack


Rising Star

1 pack of hair

18.5" 130g Density - $ 1091 +

22.5" 160g - $ 1248 +


2 packs of hair

18.5" 260g Density- $1608 +

22.5" 320g Density- $1922 +

Average pack needed for Machine Weft: 1 pack

 Bump Up Service ($55+)

Our Braidless Weave technique requires monthly (4 week) maintenance appointments. With each new package purchase you receive two complimentary Bump Ups. After that you are required to pay a Bump Up fee on each monthly visit. Pricing is the same for Extensions and hair replacement services

Re-Installation ($325-375+)

Our Braidless Weave technique stays in the hair with monthly bump up for up to 4 visits before re installation is required. Which is where we replace all the beads and re tie the wefts into place. 

Re-Install without wash $325

Re-Install with wash $375

*Does Not Include New Hair*

Extension Blow-out Service ($77+)

Come In for a wash and style!

Designed for clients who already have extensions

Why get Braidless Weave Extensions over other techniques?

-Clients get full coverage without looking stringy or piecey

-We use only 10% of your hair in the process leaving your scalp free to flow and grow

-Braidless weave lasts 4- 6 months with quick monthly maintenance

-No messy residue! We do not use heat, glue or tape! So you are left with clean healthy hair. We also do not use braids to secure your hair!

-Braidless weave is seamless so you can wear your hair up or down, in a braid or a bun!

-They are comfortable and have long lasting wear!

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